Engineering & Manufacturing Specialists since 1973

About Ardmel Automation

Founded in 1973 as a special purpose automated machine manufacturer, Ardmel has had over 30 years of successful innovation and development, manufacturing machines for companies as diverse as BMW, Ford, Levi’s Jeans and Scandvik.


Ardmel has been a key player in the tape seam sealing market since the late seventies, with the development of the MK-1 seam sealing machine, first designed in-house at Ardmel. This revolutionised the waterproof performance market which, up until that point, had used the paint and daub method. The success and durability of the MK-1 can still be seen today as some of the original machines are still being used after 30 years of service. Over the following three decades, Ardmel continued to dominate the tape sealing and tape market.


Today, what was once used solely for elite waterproof products, is now widely dispersed through-out the industry. The applications have also diversified with the machines being used for a wide variety of products, including hot air balloons, car seat covers, shoes, bagpipes and of course apparel.


Ardmel leads the way in garment construction technology, allowing big brand names the freedom to be innovative while still combining hi-tech wearability with cutting edge fashion design.