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HSM-10 High Pressure Hot Stamp

The high pressure unit uses a dual display timer. Pressures of 500lbs/sq inch can be achieved. The machine has top and bottom heat plates as standard.
This unit can be used for small parts in the construction without sewing process.



The Temperature and Time are set and the machine is allowed to reach temperature
The fabric/seam is placed on the Bottom Plate
The Handle is pulled to print the Hot Plate down onto the fabric/seam which starts the timer
After the Set Time an Audible Warning is given and the Handle is pushed back, releasing the fabric/seam


Maximum Temperature(oC) - 200oC
Minimum Temperature - 15oC
Maximum Dwell Time (Seconds) - 60
Minimum Dwell Time (Seconds) - 0.60
Hot Plate Size Standard (mm) - 75x60
Non Standard Plates made to order
Height of Bottom Plate (mm) - 128
Supply Voltage (volts a.c.) - 230V
Current consumption (amp) - 2.0A