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MK220T-AC Seam Sealer

seam sealing machine | using seam sealing tapes and adhesives by Ardmel

The MK220T-AC is designed to provide ease of operation, consistency and quality.

The Differential Drive allows the machine to compensate for soft, stretch or difficult fabrics.

The control system has been upgraded yet retains the temperature and air supply feed back systems i.e. If the temperature is not within range the machine will not operate or if there is a failure in the air supply the heater will shut down and a warning will be placed on the HMI Display.

The new HMI is a Touch Screen and this has made adjustments to settings easier, quicker and simpler.

The Lift Unit allows for better operator visibility and to give extra clearance for large items.


Fitted as standard on the MK220T-AC

Automatic Scissors - To cut the tape at the end of the seam by means of an auxiliary palm switch

Lift Unit - The Lift Unit allows for better operator visibility and handling of the part

Tents, balloons, car seat covers, filter bagsā€¦


Supply Requirements:
Electrical ~230 +- 10% Volt AC Single Phase 15 Amp at 50 Hertz
Pneumatic ~7 Bar at 100 Litres per minute