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Mk901 Seam Sealer

The Mk901 Seam sealer is specially designed to provide ease of operation, consistency and quality complete with a range of optional modular attachments to meet today's requirements for more flexible equipment. The Mk901 has optional Differential Drive and top and bottom heated rollers.

seam sealing machine | using seam sealing tapes and adhesives by Ardmel

Differential Drive:

The independently driven top and bottom rollers eliminates puckering or waviness especially on stretchy or lighter weight materials creating a neat and flat seam.

Adjustable Upper roller Depth stop
the upper roller has an adjustable depth stop. By setting a gap between the upper and lower drive rollers, seams in compressible materials, such as closed cell neoprenes, can be sealed with no puckering.

Top or Bottom Heated Rollers:

This function is for the sealing of heavier materials which require more heat and pressure to help melt the adhesive of the tape so it provides a stronger bond.



Maximum welding temperature: 750ÂșC
Speed: 11 m/min
Power requirements: 230 V AC 50 Hz single phase or 110 V AC 60 Hz
Compressed air 90 psi (min), 120 psi (max), 5 CFM
Bed Dimensions 120mm x 600mm
Roller Width 28mm
Weight: 147 kg (net)

Packed Details
Dimensions: 1350mm x 740mm x 1580mm
Gross Weight: 251kg