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Seam Sealing Tapes and Adhesives

A world of technology

In an ever changing world, customers are demanding more from their products. Innovation, High quality, quick solutions just in time service and value added are all key qualities. Ardmel provide a one-stop shop for all seam joining technology meeting the requirements of our customers. Our unique concept to supply not only our vast range of seam tapes and adhesives but also the machinery and the techniques to advise our customers on their production processes and continually improve their efficiencies. With over 30years experience in manufacturing in both engineering and garment production, Ardmel provides our customers with a full range of services and products all in the one place.


Technical Outerwear and Workwear

We provide a comprehensive range of seam tapes, adhesives and bonding films for technical performance clothing and outdoor products e.g. tents, backpacks, footwear… (more information)





Specifically engineered for hi active sportswear. Our films and adhesives provide performance at the highest level… (more information)



Stretch adhesive and tapes provide excellent finish to garments which are stitch free resulting in flat and perfect seams every time with excellent recovery and superior bond strength. Our products can be easily washed and tumble tried time and time again… (more information)



Protects that protect and meet the stringent requirements of our medical industry… (more information)



Ardmel are the supplier to some of the major manufacturers in the motorcar industry. Our specially developed range of seam tapes designed specifically for the requirements of the auto mobile market are the most reliable and resilient products available… (more information)


Other Applications

Our range of seam tapes and adhesives are used also in the production of
Life rafts, Boat covers, Hot air balloons,Survival suits,
Medical products… (more information)